Many of my students have gone on achieve international success. In total my students have recorded 33 Top 10 UK singles and 32 Top 10 UK albums. These include Phil Collins (I was his first drum teacher), Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai), Graham Broad (Roger Waters, Tina Turner), Ralph Salmins (Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, Björk), John Coghlan (Status Quo, Diesel) and Nick Simms (Cornershop). I have also had, and still have a very exciting and successful playing and recording career with artists such as: Ken Mackintosh, Ray Ellington, Bob Miller and Edmundo Ros Big Bands, as well as more major recording artists like Matt Munro, Tony Christie, PJ Proby, Cilla Black, The Nolan Sisters, Peters and Lee, Brotherhood Of Man and The Platters to name but a few. I also had the privilege and pleasure to work alongside the legendary Buddy Rich as his support act  at the Lewisham Jazz Festival in 1986.


Testimonials from professional Drummers:

I had lessons with a great drum teacher called Lloyd Ryan. He taught me some really good practice techniques that I still use to this Day. Tuition is very important in early stages of playing, especially to develop technique and to play efficiently and effortlessly."                                                                  Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai)

"I went to Lloyd Ryan, he was fantastic."                            Graham Broad (Roger Waters, Tina Turner, BillWyman)

"When I was 16, Ken Mackintosh, my first band leader/employer said to me: Go and see Lloyd Ryan he will show you how to hit the Drums"... and he did"           Ralph Salmins (Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, Björk)

"I used to watch Lloyd Ryan play. I thought he was a great drummer and he taught me"                                     John Coghlan (Status Quo)

"Lloyd Ryan taught me to read music, he also taught me to play as part of a band and not just as a solo player. He taught me that although the main point is that you're keeping time, you also have to fit in melodically with everything that's going on in the band, not just with the bass player. i don't know if he realises that he does that - it's something in the way he teaches. Like if you're studying a drum part, when you get to play it with a recording, feel is the thing you want - so once he's got you through the basics of technique and reading, he concentrates on getting the feel right, rather than just playing the part like a robot. Nick Simms (Corner Shop)         

"On behalf of the British drum community, you've influenced us, or you've taught someone who has influenced us. Your drumming DNA is floating around all over the UK".                                                                    Ian Croft (iDrum Magazine)


This first additional testimonial comes from a musician that I respect and admire very much, Francis Rossi of Status Quo. Taken from his Autobiography:     "I Talk Too Much" and reads as follows:-                             Most importantly, John Coghlan was already what you would call a 'proper' drummer. He'd taken lessons from someone called Lloyd Ryan, who really was a 'proper drummer, having played with people like Matt Monro and Gene Vincent. Ryan was an amazing character who would go on to play with all sorts of sixties stars like P.J.Proby, the New Seekers, Tony Christie. . . He also, rather wonderfully if a little bizarrely, went on to become the manager and chief spokesman for the masked wrestler, Kendo Nagasaki.

"My son has made amazing progress on the drums in a very short period of time. The volume and variety of music taught in 12 months by Lloyd Ryan would've taken an average teacher years to impart." - Gail

"Lloyd Ryan has given me the foundation to be able to pass Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit Grades 1 to 8." - Thomas

"I had my doubts about Learning to read music. Lloyd Ryan made it easy." - Richard

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