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I am always looking for new Artists, Bands, Projects and Challenges to keep me working in the industry I love. If you think you could use my skills and/or knowledge to your benefit please contact me either using the contacts page of my website or directly by email at: or 

call me directly on: 07845 107841

My New Album: "Precious Times"  Will be released within the next few weeks. Please go to the "Audio And Video Recordings" page to listen to 30 second snippets of the tracks from the album and also to the Merchandise and On-Line Store to down load either the album or any of the tracks that are of interest to you. 

"Birth of the Beatles" is a 1979 biopic film about the early days of the Legendary Beatles, produced by Dick Clark's company (Dick Clark Productions) and directed by Richard Marquand. And I was lucky enough to be asked to be the Drumming Coach and also to record some of the soundtrack including the big drumroll scene which appears in the film.

Email: Phone/Text 07845 107841

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