Lloyd Ryan The Surrey Drum Teacher

The Surrey Drum Teacher

Lloyd In The Studio

  A snap shot of me in the studio, doing what I love to do.

                 In interveiw with idrummag.com 

    Here I am working with Steve Rushton a very fine musician


Booking Your First Drum Lesson

To find out more about lessons with me please call me on: 
               07845 107841 
                    0208 397 6534 
Or you can email me at: 

Everybody has to start somewhere, so give me a call and choose the right drum teacher for you!


Welcome! Thanks for coming by – My name is Lloyd Ryan and I am The Surrey Drum Teacher, I have been a professional drummer all my working life and have played and recorded with a lot of the major stars. I have also spent a large part of my career teaching people to play the drums and in total my students have recorded 33 Top UK singles and 32 Top UK albums, some of these students include: Phil Collins [Genesis] - Derrick McKenzie [Jamiroquai] - Graham Broad [Roger Waters, Tina Turner] - Ralph Salmins [Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, Bjork] - John Coghlan [Status Quo] - Nick Simms [Cornershop].

Why would you choose me as your Drum Teacher?

For most people who would like to start playing the drums it's a world of mystery.

                       Is it hard?

                  Do I have to practice much?

                  What about reading music?

These and other very common questions and concerns are frequently asked by people who are interested but want to know  exactly what they are getting into.

The answers to these questions and more depend on you, if you just want a bit of fun i.e. a hobby then it can be simple. But of course you do have to do some practice. Some people are worried about their age but I've had students from 7 to 60 and providing you enjoy it, age isn't really a factor. Everybody is different and that's the fun part of what I do, meeting people and teaching people. Once you get started you can pick things up on your own and if needed I can guide you through what you're doing. But if you're the kind of person that likes to be good at what ever you do, then that's were a good teacher comes in. Regardless of weather you want to play Professionally or just as a hobby.

So what kind of teacher should you look for? The teacher should have had professional experience. Be a good reader of music with good theoretical knowledge and be able to teach the grades from 1-8 if the student feels like they would like to tackle them. But at same time your teacher should be approachable and be able to answer most questions and be prepared to find out more information for you if required. 

If you have some spare time and are interested in finding out more about me: Lloyd Ryan-The Complete Drum Teacher please check out my career to date. There are Books and YouTube clips and references to me all over the internet. Some times as teaching clips and sometimes playing in bands and in interviews as well. I have released some albums and titles under my own name as well, both solo and in various bands and groups. 

My personal Hero is Buddy Rich a fantastic drummer with a great sense of timing, rhythm and feel,  and always looking for new and varied ways of playing the drums. And as I look back at some of my students from the past I feel very proud and content that I've helped them achieve there aims and ambitions. And who knows maybe you're the next Buddy Rich or Phil Collins that I can help to achieve your musical dreams!

For more information please contact me below and lets get started on teaching you all you want know about drums and being a drummer. 

Looking Forward To Hearing From You: 

Lloyd Ryan.

Contact me here. 

Lloyd Ryan: The Surrey Drum Teacher

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